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At Wisconsin Anesthesia Professionals, our management team is led by an experienced anesthesiologist with over twenty years of expertise. Our comprehensive approach to delivering anesthesia services is designed to continuously enhance all aspects of perioperative care. This includes collaborating with exceptional clinicians and maintaining a responsive and knowledgeable office team. Contact us to learn more. 
Wisconsin Anesthesia

Our Anesthesia Professionals

Our team at Wisconsin Anesthesia Professionals takes immense pride in the expertise and certification of our anesthesiologists and CRNAs. Every member of our anesthesia staff is highly qualified and experienced. Our commitment to patient satisfaction is reflected in our compassionate care, transparent communication, and empathetic bedside manner. We prioritize cultivating strong relationships with the surgeons and staff at each of our client facilities, ensuring continuity of care and the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

Wisconsin Anesthesia


We have an in-house billing team that is well-versed in compliance, innovative medical technology and software, and the integration of electronic medical records. Our focus on efficiency and attention to detail enables us to provide prompt and thorough responses to patient inquiries, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction. Additionally, we prioritize managing anesthesia billing in a manner that is both compliant and patient-friendly, which contributes to the reputation of our client facilities. 

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Supply Chain Management

At Wisconsin Anesthesia Professionals, we specialize in managing the supply chain for anesthesia equipment and medications for office-based practices. Our certified anesthesia technicians excel in maintaining adequate inventory levels, ensuring proper equipment functionality, and upholding compliance standards. Moreover, we have a thorough understanding of federal and state regulations and accrediting body requirements, enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. 

Wisconsin Anesthesia

Dedicated Anesthesia Services

Our anesthesia services group relies on evidence-based best practices to establish our protocols, and we remain open to advances in research, medical technology, and healthcare policy. By incorporating these innovations into our practice, we can deliver exceptional anesthesia care to our patients. Additionally, we welcome feedback from our clients as an integral part of our continuous process of evolution and refinement. 

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Wisconsin Anesthesia

Interpreting EEG for Anesthesia Monitoring

Electrophysiologic monitoring, or neuromonitoring, is employed during surgery to evaluate the functional integrity of the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, and peripheral and cranial nerves and

Anesthesia Incident Reporting Systems

Anesthesia Incident Reporting Systems

In the complex environment of healthcare, anesthesia incident reporting systems play a crucial role in improving patient safety and enhancing the quality of care. These